Ever Force Group Limit
Ever Force Group Limit

joining project

    Ever Force Group Limit for China large area of joined cooperation who provides Omni-directional Alliance service, service of range including recruitment and filter qualified of joined who and cooperation partners, signed joined contract, and cooperation contract or device leasing contract, assist joined who application venture capital, arrangements joined cooperation who participate in technology training and joined training, guide joined who for open shop and daily operations, provides joined cooperation who for device daily warranty and maintenance, preparation and management China area joined institutions of advertising fund, Assist Alliance cooperation in development and expansion of the Chinese market, assume the United States headquarters and franchise partners in China Bridge, connecting, ensure normal operation of the system, and through the effective management of the Group's "representative offices", "G equipment maintenance center in China" and "China at the geerdengxin Health Institute" and the "Division of venture capital in China" institutions, efficiently accomplish these tasks

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