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Introduction of company

     HEFG is a company which is engaged in international joining chain institutions regional agents. It registers in Hong Kong, professionally agent recruit, training and management of the joining chain store in China, such as Golden group in the United States and D&W international company in the United States, several international joining chain institutions.
HEFG is also general agent of beauty shape equipments in China, equipment maintenance general agent, equipment leasing investment general agent of D&W international group in the United States.
With its successful experience of joining chain industry that accumulated in these years, HEFG assists China region members in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore to successfully create joining career. And It provides the international first-class super beauty shape technology, equipments and maintenance for customers in China region.
Hong Kong is headquarters of HEFG. HEFG establishes China's representative office, equipment maintenance center, branch of Golden new health institute in the United States, in Chinese mainland in wuxi, jiangsu province. It provides the service for customers in mainland China, through setting up branches in the mainland China. The company headquarters is responsible for the customer in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore.
Golden Beauty Shape Club
Ever Force Holding
Golden fine body international joining institutions
Beauty Shape international joining institutions
Multidimensional weight loss international joining institutions
Select cooperation franchisee, sign a contract, help arrange risk capital, technical training, manage cooperation franchellosee.
1. D&W international company in the United States
Provide fittings and technical support
Equipment investors of Golden beauty shape club in China invest $300 million venture capital in China to establish 2000 Golden beauty shape clubs.
Wuxi dida new technology Co., LTD
Golden equipment maintenance center in China provides equipment maintenance and maintenance service for all Golden franchisee in China.
"Buying type" franchellosee:Medium or large beauty parlors, weight loss shops, the gym, good place; Headquarters purchase and decorate existing stores.
"Lease type" franchellosee:Medium or large beauty parlors, weight loss shops, the gym, good place; Headquarters cooperates with the existing owner in the way of leasing equipments, owner consign equipment rental within five years, equipment belongs to the owner after five years, the owner consign franchising fee.
"Joint type" franchellosee:Appearance room, office building landlord hotels and resorts; Headquarters joint manage with partners in the way of equipment investment, share risks and profits.
"Franchised type" franchellosee:Owns the appearance room which meets company's conditions, has the ability to independent operation, Headquarters provides industrial property and equipments lease, franchisee pay the rent and royalties on time.
"Internal contracting type" franchellosee:The employee of the company who meets the requirements of the headquarters, or the company outside contractors, Headquarters provides decoration and equipments, establish new store, give it to contractors to manage.
2. Golden group in the United States
Provide the general agent of Golden beauty shape club joining chain institutions
Provide the general agent of Golden weight-loss techniques

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