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Business philosophy

Business philosophy Management idea: SQHSVC

· s → science: Science and innovation technologies

· Q → quality: high quality professional business standards

· H → honesty: honesty and dependence, seek truth from facts · S → service: warm and warm, friendly service

· V → value: cost-effective, value

· C → cooperation: management strategy of cooperation, partners for life forever: 3S

· S → simplification of the most simple business model, the most common business talent

· S standardization → most standard operating procedures and standards of operation methods

· Specialization → s the most professional level of service, the most professional marketing business Foundation: Declaration of honesty and healthy weight-loss services

· Scientific methods, and the most advanced technologies to provide customers with honest and healthy weight-loss services, must not provide information that is false, misleading, must not deceive customers, to provide cheap and reasonable prices, great value and high quality professional weight loss services, trying to make customers with the least resources satisfactory health weight loss results. Values Principle of good healthy weight-loss services

· Customers honest description of function and effect of weight loss products and services, not exaggerated, false deceiving consumers, would rather lose customers, not to trick customers. Honesty to explain to the customer the advantages and disadvantages of weight loss products and services, honest descriptions in the weight-loss products or issues that may arise in the process of weight loss services and solutions.

· Like your own family, sincere treatment of consumers, rendered real face, customer self-choice and judgment. Personalized service principles

· Lose weight for different types of customers, provide for customers as much as possible of your own weight-loss products and services

· Self-health for the customers to choose from to meet variety of weight-loss needs the most preferential price quality principles

· To world's leading weight-loss services quality standards, to provide customers with high quality weight loss services

· Customer enthusiasm, warmth, and gas, most good service attitude towards the customers

· Patiently help customers

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