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Beauty shape club

      Beauty shape club, which is international joining chain institution of D&W international LLC, specially offers beauty shape professional services. BSC is based in the United States, provides rapid and effective fitness services for customers who seek for beautiful bodily form, applying focused ultrasound noninvasive liposuction patent technology, which is original created by D&W company.
Golden BSC provides global original noninvasive liposuction service. Each no wound liposuction procedure needs about 30 to 45 minutes, after each treatment, perimeter of therapeutic part reduce at least 2 ~ 5 cm, after three times, it reduces at least 7 ~ 10 cm.
      No wound liposuction service which is exclusive offered by BSC, with no anesthesia, no surgery, no pain, no complications and don't need convalescence, get immediate perfect effect in partial lose weight thin body and model body, but can get similar treatment effect with traumatic liposuction surgery. Partial weight loss shape effect of therapeutic part is obvious and lasts long, It is the only clear effective technology among international nonoperative weight loss model body technology at present.
Good effect of focused ultrasound noninvasive liposuction exclusive offered by the BSC, is clinical tested and verified by the many international authoritative medical institutions. Partial reducing weight effect is clear, reducing weight regional is smooth and well-balanced, effect of reducing weight lasts long, won't rebounded and relapse.
    Retrospective investigation shows that global original noninvasive liposuction service provided by Golden  BSC is the only revolutionary new technology among international nonoperative weight loss model body technology at present. It is the most ideal technology solution among the current nontraumatic partial weight loss technology.
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